Product Details

Operating Principle

There will be lot of air into the engine when working, if the air isn’t  filtered, the dust will be inhaled to the cylinder, and accelerate abrasion of kolbenaggregat and cylinder. If the big grain in the abrasion and kolbenaggregat, ti’ll cause terrible scuffing of cylinder bore, and it’s special terrible in dry and more sand environment. The air filter is installed in front of carbureter and air intake port, it filter the dust and sand in air, to keep enough and clean air in the cylinder.

The characteristic of FUMOD air filter

High filterability, low Flow resistance, it can filter the dust and sand in air, to supply enough and clean air for engine

Installation and Replacing period

Open the cover in front of air intake port, take the old one And install new air filter.

Advising the replacing period is 10000 kilometers or 12 Months.