Zhejiang Fumod Auto filter co., Ltd is a collection of fluid filters designed、production、sales professional manufacturing company, Various types of products be made. For example, air filters, cabin filters, oil filters, fuel filters, Gasoline filters, Hydraulic filters and Special filtration equipment etc. At present a total of more than 9000 varieties, More than 20 million tons Annually .

20 years of professional experience in design production, Large companies have a modern production workshop and class research and development, business and office center, the world's most advanced production, testing equipment and assembly. All products are developed using computer-aided design, Strict compliance with the quality management system of production ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO9001:2000, Product quality was well received at home and overseas .

Companies are currently mainly Europe , the Americas some famous brand for processing production, years of good partnership, Not only to companies broader market space, but also more sharing of resources, sharing of technical superiority super, We base pairs, boundless confidence for the future !

As Chinese companies, We hope to use the technology and many years of experience in Chinese auto industry better service, And the quest for excellence, the pursuit of excellence in entrepreneurship, Development of a world-class filter companies !